Riverbend - South Saskatcewan River, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Riverbend – South Saskatcewan River, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Dawn’s work is inspired by experience in the landscape, both known and new. She seeks that compelling moment that sparks her creative interest. Her paintings are a response to both the visual drama and invisible energy of a place. Capturing the abstract qualities of the subject is becoming a more important element in her work. Her goal is to transform the essence of landscape, through the mind’s eye, into something on canvas with a resonance of its own. That is her challenge and aspiration.

Dawn sees the landscape as a resource – a sanctuary for personal restoration. Although our experience varies, we all have an alliance with the great outdoors in some individual way. The character of our landscape encounters changes with seasonal, climatic and geographic elements, but its continuity can be a source of spiritual and emotional wellness- connecting us to nature and its powerful healing force.