Rivers have become an ongoing series in Dawn’s work. They provide places for meditative reflection. They are non-static, ever changing and in continual conversation with nature.

The catalyst for this interest was spurred by a visit to the Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Here, the water feature is “The River of Life” which flows through the garden and echoes the ebb and flow of living….with a source, a journey and an end. ┬áThe river in this garden, is an allegory for the stages and experience of life. Water features in Japanese Gardens have been popular since the Edo Period ( 1603 – 1867) when Strolling Pond Gardens where introduced as a design feature to enhance the pleasure and relaxation of the garden retreat.
Rivers play a significant role in every culture. In Hermann Hesse’s novel “Siddhartha”, the river becomes the teacher. Siddhartha “learned from it how to listen…to listen with a still heart, with a waiting, open soul, without passion, without desire, without judgement, without opinion.”
Rivers are universally important to individuals and civilizations. They are worthy of our contemplation and protection.